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Participation Niagara (PN) is a private day program for adults with developmental disabilities who reside in the Niagara Region.  PN is a privately owned company; originally opened by Stephen Vukovics and now owned and operated by Kayla Martin who has been working in the field of disabilities since 2014. 


PN focuses on encouraging personal growth and independence through participation in learning and physical activities which are important components of overall health and well being. The company motto “Everyone has the right to Participate” comes out of the belief in the right to participate in activities with their peers. PN considers participation in learning and physical activities to be integral in building and maintaining a healthy self esteem, as well as a feeling of belonging within any program and the greater community.


PN believes that personal growth and development is the most important aspect for the clients, as can be seen in the following mission statement:


Participation Niagara provides physical and fundamental learning services to individuals with developmental disabilities, enabling them to build their social, psychological, emotional and intellectual tools in aspiring toward an independent lifestyle.


PN has been in operation since October 2012.  What started with a simple idea to help improve services for individuals in the Niagara Region, and 2 Participants, has now grown to a program sought by the community and a growing list of Participants!  


Meet the Owner!

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