Cooking and bowling

On Tuesday afternoons, PN runs a cooking and bowling social program.  Participants can arrive at 3:00pm to help cook a meal and sit down with their friends and enjoy the meal together.  After we head to parkway lanes for some bowling before returning home.


Fee for service:  $45 per evening, $100 annual fee.

Respite Care

PN offers parents the opportunity for some time off together.  Participantion Niagara will provide after hour care for our program individuals as needed.


Fee for service:  $20 per hour, plus applicable taxes.


Main Program

The main program at PN operates Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00 pm.  This program consists of recreational, learning, and social activities.  Sports, community walks, trips to the library, attendance to the local SOUL program, are all examples of activities at PN.  Participants may attend full time or part time.  Participants must be able to operate in a 6-1 ratio.


Fee For service:  $70 per day